Digital Health Lab

Digital Health Technologies will help us bridge the capabilities of health monitoring and medical devices for understanding our health far beyond the clinic

The DigiHealth Lab is founded by Professor Edward J. Wang as a joint research laboratory of UCSD Design Lab and the Electrical & Computer Engineering department of Jacobs School of Engineering. Our lab looks to innovate through what we call data & computing co-design. We look at “future forms of domain/application relevant DATA” and “the complementary advances in COMPUTING methods that can handle these uniquely different data.” One of our main thrust is really looking at what new forms of data that SHOULD emerge to enable new opportunities in mobile health. This can be through more comprehensive contextual understanding. This can be through more continuous physiological monitoring. This can be through iterative micro-interventions that provide deeper insight into a person's behavior. This can be through cheaper ways to deploy health sensors into the hands of the most underserved people. Our focus is to (1) solve pressing health issues with technological solutions that can be enabled with today's infrastructure and (2) envision and build new technological infrastructure to improve the state of healthcare to influence the trajectory of information technology development.

Application Domains: Mobile Computing, Personalized Medicine, Public Health, Human Computer Interaction

Technical Domains: Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition, Edge Computation, Embedded Systems, Non-invasive Sensor Design


Apr 2022 - Barry et al. awarded CHI Honorable Mention for work on Smartphone Pupillometry for cognitive impairment monitoring

Apr 2022 - Dr. Wang receives the Google Research Scholar Award for early career faculty

Oct 19 2021 - Awarded NIH R21 for work on Smartphone-based Alzheimer’s Screening

Jun 25 2021 - Colin Barry presents at Mobisys workshop on digital biomarkers (DigiBiom) on position paper on Tenets Towards Smartphone-based Medical Tricorder

Sept 2021 - Colin Barry and Yinan (Tom) Xuan joins the DigiHealth Lab. Welcome Colin and Tom!

Jul 29 2020 - Awarded ACTRI GEM prize for smartphone-based blood pressure monitoring

Jan 2020 - Jessica de Souza joins the DigiHealth Lab. Welcome Jessica!

Sept 2020 - Varun Viswanath joins the DigiHealth Lab. Welcome Varun!


Smartphone Camera Oximetry in an Induced Hypoxemia Study

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Jessica de Souza, Kristina Chamberlain, Sidhant Gupta, Yang Gao, Nabil Alshurafa, Edward Jay WangCHI 2022 Late Breaking Work (To Appear)

Detection of COVID-19 using multimodal data from a wearable device: Results from the first TemPredict Study

Ashley Mason, [...], Varun Viswanath, Edward Wang, et al.Nature Scientific Reports

PAR: Personal Activity Radius Camera View for Contextual Sensing

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